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"Man's Nature" Series*

It was the idea for this series that pulled me out of "Retirement".  Generally, this series consists of large outdoor sculptures and medium size indoor works.  Consistent with my definition of art, not only is there a message wrapped up in each of these pieces, but hopefully each one can be the catalyst for conversations and even meditations.  For my thoughts on what this series means to me, click on the title above.


(To view some of the Medium-Sized Indoor Sculptures, click on the photos below.) 

(To view the Medium-Sized Wall-Mounted Sculptures, click on the photos below.)

Man's Nature - Fever-1 Man's Nature - Fever-1 Man's Nature - Fever-1

(To view photos of some of the large outdoor pieces, click on photo.)

Custom Mailbox Metal Sculpture 




*  All Titles (eg "Man's Nature", "Possess 1", "Display 1", "Control 1" and others) and all images are copyrighted by J.P. Pendergrass and cannot be used without my expressed permission.